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I made a static blog generator - 6/13/2020

Hello, world! I have invented a static blog site generator that's actually user friendly! No more managing themes, this is the only one! (Plain text.) Note that this was originally made for this website, but I decided to make it FOSS under the MIT license so anyone can use it. No more ads, no more databases, no more bullcrud. Learn more here.

A bit of spring cleaning on my site - 5/31/2020

Welcome to the future of web design! I like to call this design princible "Compatibility and Function over Design and Form" What exactly does that mean? Well... I want my site to be viewable on browsers as retro-looking as W3M and as modern (and bloated) as propriatary software such as Google's Chrome. (Although I wish you would use FireFox or Chromium. But hey, it's your choice.) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new site.

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